Google AdWords V/s Facebook PPC

We can agree to some extent, Facebook ads gain some popularity when people click on them. But, the main question here is, do they get importance as much as Google AdWords? Well according to me Google still is a better option.

The main reason why people tend to be more attracted towards Google AdWords is because when somebody gets to clicks on their ads, then we can sure of what exactly he is looking for.

Effectiveness of Facebook and Google

Facebook is a social media website and people who click the ads on Facebook, do not have the sole reason of buying the service or commodity.

Usually, they click it while surfing through friend list.

Google PPC rates are slightly higher than the Facebook PPC rates.

The ads on Facebook are less visible, on the contrary Google AdWords are appears more times and increases the chances of clicks.

Google AdWords can be used even for sales, but Facebook is effective mainly for awareness programs.

Bad Reviews about Facebook Ads

There are many Internet marketers who claim Facebook ads are less attractive to customers. But this doesn't mean that they don't have the ability to generate sales. Instead, if the ad is created in a proper way, you'll definitely be able generate more clicks especially if you want to make people aware of your service or product for targeted sales, majority of businesses still prefer Google AdWords.

ROI Determines What Better Between Facebook PPC & AdWords

If you want to check the actual difference between Facebook and Google AdWords, then you can do so by going through the sales book.

Try to find out how much was the investment and what was the profit, as this give out a more clear picture about which one to go for. Compare the profits and find out the most eligible source for PPC.

Differences in Mentalities

People of different mentalities go for various companies. It's not compulsory for everybody to like either Facebook or Google AdWords; it depends upon him to choose whichever he wants. If he can make more with Facebook then he can go for it, but if Google AdWords is found more profitable, then even that can be opted.

So, to conclude, both Facebook Ads and AdWords are highly effective, but like I mentioned above, Facebook ads are no different from Television advertisements they are helpful in creating awareness among people, but AdWords is more targeted & result-oriented.

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